Mission impossible: Norway for 30€? YES!

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🔊🔊My adventure started when I was doing voluntary work in Belarus, Minsk. I was teaching English in summer camp and my friend asked me on FB whether I would go to Norway for 10 days. What a strange question. Of course, I would. Why are you asking me such a stupid question? Who would not go? Who?? Show me! 🚀🚀 Btw, food, travel costs, and accommodation were covered. 🍕💲

I have a list of visited countries and one of the missing ones was Norway. So? Why not? Give me a reason why not?

I am gonna explain to you what is going on. So, it is called ⚡ERASMUS+ ⚡, what you probably know. It is YOUTH EXCHANGE with topic POWER OF YOU(TH)  It is a non-formal education for 10 or more days abroad, where you meet people from different countries, which are also members of the project as well as your country. There were Lithuania, Turkey, Slovakia and who else if not Croatia🌅🌅.

There was the magic atmosphere. I went to Norway from my home two days earlier just to visit the capital, OSLO. The project took place in the picturesque village on the south from Oslo. It is around one and half hour by bus + amazing view on Norwegian nature. Still, do not know whether go or not??  It is like be or not to be 😂😂😂

So, firstly I would like to describe you my first day in Norway. Exotic. That is completely enough to explain my feelings. 🌴🌵 The thing is that I did not have accommodation so I had to sleep in the airport. Uuhm, why not? It was quite comfortable. No, I am just kidding. It was horrible but Norwegian airport is really fashionable. Combination of wood and stones. I was thinking about my future house, it should look like that airport. 😂😂 Long night, so you think about everything. I recommend you to visit Oslo at least for 2 days. Prices are crazy but lowcost is also good. So, the first day passed and second night was closer and closer. What to do? Of course, there is still one option. My friend called 🌈COUCHSURFING🌈. Thank god for it. So, I stayed at one guy from Pakistan on the dormitory. Cool experience. Very nice, young gentleman. 💘💘

Good morning. Another day and new things to do. To leave Oslo and go to the project which is taken place in a magic village called  🍀SVARSTAD🍀 My Slovak group consisted of 12 young strong amazing people including me (of course, I am also magic). The first person who came in was me. So, there was plenty of time to have a long shower and relax. Place, better said cottage, where we stayed you can not even imagine. Unbelievable. I will show you proof. I swear. 😉😉

And suddenly, it came. Are you asking what? Everybody. Many people from different countries and I was fucking confused about so many names. Can´t imagine. You know, good things sometimes pass really fast. It was exactly that kind of situation what happened to me on this project. I do not know how but it finished really fast. Getting to know other people were magic. Sleepless night, long conversations, party etc. It was marvellous, superb and delightful. Although it was my sixth or seventh project, it was still amazing and I gained again new experiences.

After few days of hard work, we had a day off. Chance for us to enjoy surroundings. We did. Great experience for us, Time spent together by walking, photo shooting, hitchhiking and relaxing 😋😋 We saw the best of Norway nature. Ok not best of. Of course, it is not Bergen or Stavanger but still better than nothing. 🌳🌲

It is exactly that part of life when you realize the importance of human being. The importance of you. You realize that does not matter where you are but it matters who you are with. You realize what life is about. It is not about money. It is about people and time spent together with them. It does not matter whether you are from Australia, Russia, Slovakia or USA. If you want to meet new people and get to know a just little piece of them you can do it.

That is the point of life. We live only once so we should live all out.

❓What I learnt❓
✔how to cook lunch and dinner for 60 people
✔how to be successful in the interview and get the job
✔how it does not matter where you are from
✔how to built up a friendship in the whole world
✔how the world is small

So, cost of Norway in total is 3 magnets, 2 metro tickets, 1 bottle of water and 2 croissants

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